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Important Health Check-Ups Before you Get Married

important health check-ups before you get married
HWC Team
January26/ 2016

Apart from testing the horoscopes before marriage, it is more important that the parents should get the bride and groom get some medical tests done. People tend to ignore the more important medical tests that ensure the couple a healthy conjugal life in future and also assure that the child will be relatively free of serious medical issues.

Premarital medical tests should always be encouraged, not as a mission to find fault in the future spouse, but so that you know beforehand what are the possible obstacles that you may face in the course of your marriage and take necessary precautions.

Here are a few tests, which are strongly recommended for any future couple waiting to tie the knot-

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Tests

Tests for sexually transmitted diseases are important not only because HIV can be life threatening, also because there are a number of STDs you will need to watch out for. Also such diseases have the risk of spreading to your children and unless you know about them, you cannot take necessary precautions to protect your children from getting affected.

Genetic Diseases

Genetically transmitted condition tests are important because through these tests, you will be able to know if either of the partners are carriers of such a gene, that can cause diseases in your offspring. One of such diseases is Thalassemia where a child needs frequent blood transfusion in order to survive. There are also mental diseases that can be caused by genes.

RH Factor

You also need to get screened for the possible incompatibility in your blood groups. This happens when a couple have RH factors in their blood groups that are not similar or compatible to each other. For example, a woman having negative RH in her blood may be incompatible with a man having positive RH in his blood. This increases the risk of miscarriages during the birth of children. If tests are done before marriage, then the couple can be made aware of the possible risks and suitable checks can be adopted.

Infertility Test

Another test that is important is the infertility test. Generally this is not advised to young couples, unless the female partner has an irregular menstruation circle. This is because irregular cycle may mean, that the woman has ovarian cyst. Also, women who are not so young should also get themselves tested.

Chronic Diseases

Before marriage it always better to find out if any of the partners is suffering from chronic disorders, like, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. This will mean the couple will be aware of each others’ regular medical needs.

Psychometry Test

Something that is always neglected is the psychological test. A social stigma is still attached to such tests, and thus people generally skip them, but, they are as important as the physical tests for any marriage. It is also advisable to take premarital counseling.

Thus, there is no harm in getting these tests done. In fact they are rather beneficial for any couple, and their marriage.

HWC Team

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