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Important and Essential Health Checkups to be Done Before Marriage

important and essential health checkups to be done before marriage
HWC Team
December14/ 2015

Who doesn’t like to remain fit and without any illnesses and diseases? Maintaining health and fitness not only include eating healthy and exercising regularly but also getting regular health checkups done. Most of us take this casually but getting health checkups done regularly can prevent us from various health complications. Infact, before getting married also all of us must go for a certain number of health checkups. The following is a list of the most important and essential health checkups to be done before marriage.

Test for Genetic and Inherited Diseases

Before you get married, both you and your partner must get genetic tests to detect any kind of genetic or inherited diseases. There are several kinds of genetic disorders among certain genetic groups and getting a simple blood test done can help you know about them and find ways to cure them. Also, if any kind of problems are detected, then both you and your partner will be able to take a better decision for your future.

Infertility Test

Impotency and infertility play vital role in anyone’s marital life. The test for impotency consists of hormone analysis and semen analysis. The results of this kind of a test may help you know if you are potent and this can enable you to have an honest conversation with your partner before he/she takes a major decision of life.

Screening for Blood Group Incompatibility

The possibility of incompatibility between couples due to dissimilar blood groups is rare but a factor which is known as Rh may be of a little concern. Women who bear a negative Rh factor may be incompatible with men who bear a positive Rh since it can often lead to miscarriages. This thing can be tested by getting a simple blood group test.

Screening for Communicable Diseases

This category of tests include mainly of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs which can be tested through a group of blood tests and virus tests etc. Knowing about any STDs that you may have can be helpful as this way you can avoid passing on the disease to your partner or get it treated before entering wedlock.

Blood Sugar Test

Blood sugar test is a simple blood test which enable you to find out if you have diabetes or high blood sugar levels. This is a test which you must get done regularly and must also be done before getting married so as to avoid any health complications.

Urine Test for Kidney Illnesses

Another test which you can get done before getting married is the urine test which helps to detect if you have any kind of kidney problems or diseases. This test also helps you to know about the condition of your urinary tract and the doctor may tell you ways to treat if there are any issues.

Chronic Disorder Screening

Some of the other tests that you can get done before marriage include tests for heart condition, tests for hypertension and tests for liver diseases.

HWC Team

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