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8 Things you must try to Crank up your Sex Drive Tonight

8 things you must try to crank up your sex drive tonight
HWC Team
May29/ 2015

There are few times when you’re not interested in sex? Its natural, it happens to everyone. No need to worry much! With these tight schedules, it’s evident that you lose that frisky feeling, but still there are few things you can do to crank up your sex drive. These tips will not only improve your sex drive but also help you to get in the mood.

8 Best Ways to Reboot your Sex Drive

Don’t fret

Stop vexing about having an orgasm, just do it. Cuddle, and focus more on touching your partner. Having more sex will make you happier. Just, feel and enjoy the way you are doing. Finally you’ll end-up with happy sex.

Dates can set the Mood

Get out of the house for a date. No need to plan for a grand date or romantic evening, simply going for a movie or dinner can perk up the spark you felt when you met for the first time.

Check with Birth Control Pills

Hormonal changes can burst your sex drive. Birth control pills can be the big killer of sex drive. They can cramp up the production of testosterone, which in turn lowers sexual desire. And, if you are not on birth control, knowing your hormonal status can help propel your sexual desire.  Certain hormones such as prolactin can decrease estrogen and testosterone levels in women and obstructs hormonal productions.

Medicines can Squelch your Sex Life

Intake of few antidepressants such as Zoloft, Paxil and Prozac may increase the serotonin levels and curbs dopamine, leading to loss of libido. Also, few drugs for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), high blood pressure, depression and anxiety can also thwart your sex life.

Try using Lubricants for Happy Sex

Having sex is highly undesirable when it is leading to pain. Dryness can be one of the major reasons. If vaginal dryness is causing pain during sexual intercourse, then try using a vaginal moisturizer or silicone-based sexual lubricant. Lubricants that are made of silicon are long-lasting and more moisturizing when compared to the water-based alternatives.

Healthy Diet

Healthy diet helps to arouse your sexual feelings and make it easy for you to get orgasm. Bring down your cholesterol levels by eating veggies and fruits and cut animal fats and whole-milk products. Foods such as oysters, almonds, avocados and strawberries can help you getting in the mood.

Exercise can Reverse your Loss of Libido

Exercise can actually help to improve your mood and make you feel stress-free. Science has proven that doing exercise on regular basis can enhance your sexual satisfaction and spice up your sex life.

Listen what Body Says

Sometimes, loss of libido can be a symptom of major health disorder. So, if your lower sex drive is accompanied with certain symptoms such as fatigue, dry skin, weight gain and hair loss, then perhaps you are suffering from a deadly health issue.

Provoke your sexual desire with these tips that helps to arouse your sexual feelings and put the sizzle back into your sex life.

HWC Team

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