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The advantages and disadvantages of legal Euthanasia

The advantages and disadvantages of legal Euthanasia
HWC Team
May31/ 2016

Euthanasia or mercy killing has become very popular since the last decade, especially after the unfortunate case of Late. Aruna Shanbaug, who was in a coma for almost her entire life came to highlight. Euthanasia involves putting a person to sleep when he or she is in an extremely pitiful condition due to an illness or medical condition. There are several debates held over this concept is right and wrong or ethical and unethical and there are a lot of pros and cons which are associated with this. Read more to know about it:


  • Euthanasia allows a person suffering from a prolonged illness to choose if he wants to end the suffering and face death with dignity, just like he makes other important decisions in his entire lifetime, by his own will.
  • Euthanasia can lead to an end of suffering. It is a huge amount of pain to stay bedridden or handicapped for life and a person cannot be forced to suffer from this pain. Euthanasia gives the person a right to end this suffering voluntarily.
  • The suffering of an ill person cannot be understood by people who have a normal and healthy life. Hence, if there is no chance of the person getting cured of a really pitiful condition, it can be rather advisable to put the person through the procedure of Euthanasia.
  • The patients who are in a coma or other similar condition since a lot of years can get freedom from the prolonged pain with the help of Euthanasia supporting laws.
  • If it is proved that the condition of the patient is really pitiful and there is no point in keeping the patient alive as there is extreme lack of quality if the life of the patient and he or she is going through extreme pain and suffering.


  • Euthanasia can assist suicide and a person who is not in a stable mental state or is too angry or depression would not think of overcoming the problem and instead, immediately opt for Euthanasia.
  • People can fall prey to heinous crimes like getting murdered for wealth or just because no one wants to take responsibility for the care of a terminally ill person. Even doctors can hide their mistakes committed during medical treatments with the help of Euthanasia.
  • Euthanasia is also termed as a legalized murder and it would definitely complicate legal procedures with respect to identify the murderer of an ill person if an unfortunate crime takes place.
  • It is considered as unethical to end someone’s life without their will. It will lead a lot of people to take advantages of the law by considering putting terminally ill people through euthanasia.
  • Euthanasia can be used as a tool for ending their own life by people who have continuous suicidal tendencies. If they legally prove that their condition is pitiful, they can get an easy way to end their life and suicide is not at all a thing which should get assisted and legalized.

HWC Team

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