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Beneficial Meal Plan for Lactating Mother

meal plan for lactating mother
HWC Team
February23/ 2016

When you are a new mother don’t go crazy counting calories, instead concentrate on proper eating. Eat something every three to four hours to maintain a steady level of energy and blood sugar and target around 2000 calories a day with moderate exercise. When you are breastfeeding go slow with weight loss.

Following a balanced and nutritious diet provides a variety of nutrients to the baby and it affects the quantity and quality of milk too. So a diet rich in calcium, protein, minerals and vitamins is strongly advisable for lactating mothers. Below given is a sample plan that would prove to be healthy for lactating mother.


  • Start the day with fenugreek tea by soaking the seeds in a cup of water overnight.
  • You can also have fennel tea as fennel is also very good in increasing milk supply and helps in digestion too.
  • Methi is important and hence methi paratha or methi soup can also be taken, depending upon taste.
  • Steamed tapioca puttu is an excellent option for the South Indians.
  • Oats is very healthy and can be used to make pancakes, idlis and many more.
  • Dosa and idli made of brown rice is very healthy and filling too.
  • Cracked wheat upma is very good too and is extremely healthy.
  • Apart from the above if you fancy sandwiches go for fruit or vegetable ones along with cereal and skim milk.
  • If you are having the milk with cereal, a hot mug of milk with chocolate is recommended.
  • Toast and hard-boiled egg along with a fruit can also be alternated.

Lunch & Dinner

  • Methi paratha or vendhaya dosa are good options suiting your taste buds.
  • Tapioca is also believed to increase lactation so sago pearls (made from tapioca root) khichdi and tapioca stir fry or pudding can also be incorporated in the diet.
  • Garlic rice, dal palak, poondu rasam, kuzambhu are some good variations too.
  • Add some fennel powder to your curries or simply chew them after a meal.
  • A dal is compulsory in either of the meals as it is a good source of protein and fibre and moong is prepared over tur. So a dal khichdi or moong dal sambhar or masoor dal tadka can be included for lunch or dinner.
  • If you are a rice eater teh for lunch have brown rice as it increases the production of serotonin, thus stimulating prolactin. Plan brown rice or pulao are great options.
  • Since cumin is also very good for improving lactation add it to the buttermilk, raithas and sabjis in the roasted form.
  • Cumin rasam and jeera rice for lunch are also innovative options.
  • For a change in your dinner duo, you can go for a quinoa soup before lunch or dinner.
  • Cracked what or Dalia can be used to make sambhar sadam or khichdi.
  • Sesame seeds rice is also tasty and healthy.
  • If you must go for a post lunch dessert, go for almond kheer as they are packed with protein and are calcium rich without being a dairy source.

It is important to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. A lot of fibre and fluids is equally important.

Thus it can be concluded that there is no requirement for any special diet, just by maintaining balance and nutrition along with staying calm and relaxed does help a lot.

HWC Team

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