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Difference Between Brains of Men and Women

difference between brains of men and women
HWC Team
September25/ 2015

Men and Women are two different creations of God, although this statement may appear biased, but it has a scientific truth hidden in it. A deep study in the subject will bring about fascinating differences in the brains of ‘Men’ and ‘Women’.

Brain is the ‘CPU’ of the human body – the place where all matters are processed. This ‘CPU’ of the human body makes a girl different from a boy and also makes a boy behave differently from a girl at almost every aspect of living. You will find difference in their working capacities and other things they do.

Few Differences Between a Man’s Brain and a Woman’s

Scientists have done many researches on this topic. According to them, there are four main areas of differences between a woman’s brain and that of a man.


A human brain has gray matter and white matter. Scientists have found that men utilize seven times more gray matter while doing a work. The gray matter areas are localized centers and are information and action processing centers. Therefore, once the subject is in a man’s brain, it remains in a narrow duct and is processed there only.

Therefore once a man is engaged in an activity, he may not be sensitive to other people’s requirements and surroundings. Whereas this is not so in the case of a woman. Because woman use more of their white matter in brain to do a work, which is the networking grid and uses all the portions of the brain including the gray matter too. So women are more flexible, and can do transition between tasks and also can also do multi tasking without much difficulty.


Hormones in men and women are quite different, so the hormones make men and women behave differently in different situations. For example, a hormone named ‘Oxytocin’ is released by a human body to fight stress. But in a male body ‘Testosterone’ reduces the effect of ‘Oxytocin’. Whereas, ‘Estrogen’ in a female body tends to enhance the effect of ‘Oxytocin’. Therefore you find that women tend to fight with stress better than men.

Structural Differences

Women have verbal centers on both side of the brain, but men have verbal centers only on the left side lobe of the brain. Females have a larger ‘Hippocampus’ or the memory center than men. Men’s brain is also almost 11-12 % bigger than that of the women’s.

Blood Flow in the Brain

In women, the flow of blood in brain is more. Therefore they can linger on memories more and therefore are more emotional. Whereas, in men this is less, therefore they tend to linger less on emotions and move on to other topics and quickly start the problem solving process.

Human Relationships

Women tend to communicate much effectively, find solutions to problems and can talk to sort out matters well. Men on the other hand are more task oriented, less talkative and more isolated. This is because information is processed in the left hemisphere in men, whereas in women, it is processed in both the hemispheres.

Thus, there are remarkable differences between the brain of a man and a woman. And these differences bring out all the other differences that you tend to see in men and women in all aspects of life.

HWC Team

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