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Know the Possible Dangers of Bikini Waxing

bikini waxing
HWC Team
September11/ 2015

Bikini waxing is a process of getting the hair removed from the pubic region through use of wax. This type of waxing may be opted for various reasons like fashion, personal hygiene and others. Though bikini waxing can be done at any time of the year but it becomes even more important during summers when you wish to flaunt your favorite swimsuits in the pool and at your trips to beach.

Bikini waxing may help you to look after your personal hygiene but on the flip side, it has various side effects as well.  Below given is list of the potential dangers associated with bikini waxing:


Bikini waxing involves removal of hair from the private areas which may cause the tear in the skin where bacteria may enter and lead to infection like staph infection, bacterial infection cellulitis, folliculitis and others. The infection may be at the surface or may even go deeper in some of the cases. The skin at the vagina and its surrounding areas is very delicate and thus the chances of infection further increases.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)

Any type of infection which needs skin to skin contact for its spreading becomes even more prone if there is any damage to the skin and thus the chances of STI increases after bikini waxing as there are chances of skin tears and cuts. The chances of HIV, HPV, Herpes and other infection increases after bikini waxing.


Burning of the skin is another common danger associated with bikini waxing as the process involves the use of hot wax. Moreover use of anti- aging or acne cream at the waxing area further increases the chances of burning as these types of creams contain retinoid which may lose the skin cell attachment and lead to increased exfoliation. Thus proper temperature of the wax needs to be maintained while getting bikini wax done.


If you are regularly getting the bikini wax done, it might irritate the skin and thus cause the scarring. Moreover picking up of the ingrown hair might also lead to scarring.

Infected Ingrown Hair

Bikini waxing also has chances of getting the infected ingrown hairs. During the process of waxing the hairs are pulled from their roots which results in growth of new and thin hair which are weak in strength and are more prone to infection. Moreover the new hair also has issues in finding a way to the surface and thus they may get under the skin leading to an irritated bump and infection.

Thus even after knowing the above given dangers if you need to or you wish to get the bikini waxing done, it is advisable to look out for all the possible precautions to prevent the side effects.

Always get the waxing done at a neat, hygienic and clean facility. Before getting the process done, always inquire about the process and the type of wax used. One of the best types of wax is a hard wax which does not affect the skin.  If your skin is sensitive then it is better to apply an antibiotic cream after the waxing to prevent any type of infection.

HWC Team

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