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Ideal Diet to Evade the PCOS Symptoms

ideal diet to evade the PCOS symptoms
HWC Team
January21/ 2016

According to experts, insulin resistance is the root cause of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) as it restricts the insulin to function properly and keep the blood sugar level high in the body. People suffering from PCOS can have several complications; amongst all infertility is the major one. The primary trouble of PCOS patients is suffering from insulin resistance, thus doctors recommend medicines to combat the same.

However, these medicines have some side effects and can make the PCOS symptoms even more complicated; thus many people follow alternative methods like diet alteration and lifestyle change. This diet mainly focuses on the foods that can amend the insulin resistance.

Here are Few Tips for Maintaining a PCOS Diet

Have Less Carbohydrate

You must have food that contains less Glycemic Index (GI) as it affects your blood sugar. Foods like whole grains, proteins, and green vegetables contain low GI score and thus help you to control your blood sugar level and restrict it from rising fast. Moreover carbohydrates also tend to increase your blood sugar level, therefore it is highly recommended not to take carbohydrates in case you are suffering from PCOS.

Add More Protein to your Diet

The high protein foods help absorb carbohydrate and this in turn helps you to control your blood sugar. High protein foods include: fish, lean beef, chicken breast, beans, whole eggs, seeds, nuts, green vegetables and soy milk. Combining protein with carbohydrates can help the insulin levels to stay low and prevents the sugar level to go up. It is recommended that instead of having a toast only in breakfast you must add egg to it, which is rich in protein and instead of having an apple, it is better to add peanut butter.

Have Healthy Fats

Use Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils that include canola oil, olive oil and coconut oil. The good fats in these oils work effectively and help to balance the insulin levels in your body. The best foods that are rich in healthy fats are: oily fish like tuna, sardines and salmon; seeds and nuts, like walnuts, sunflower seed, and almonds; and avocados. Enjoy these foods with fresh guacamole dip.

Take Foods that are Rich in B Vitamin

The B vitamins play a vital role in balancing the blood sugar level in your body. Vitamin B2 turns sugar, protein and fat into energy and Vitamin B6 helps to maintain hormone balance. You must take high quality vitamin B-Complex every day.

Spice up Drinks and Food with Cinnamon

Cinnamon plays a major role in keeping blood sugar level even and steady. People suffering from diabetes must take cinnamon on regular basis. This will certainly help to control your insulin and blood sugar levels under control. Cinnamon not only reduces your blood glucose level but also helps to improve the lipid profile.

It is important that you follow a diet containing right foods so that it can help you to control your blood sugar and insulin levels and this will eventually relieve you from the PCOS symptoms.

HWC Team

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