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Adverse Effects of Sharing Makeup

adverse effects of sharing makeup
HWC Team
November03/ 2015

Sharing makeup products is something that should be avoided completely – be it lipstick, skin foundations or eye liners. It is better to become little selfish when it comes to sharing makeup products because it can lead to sharing of the germs and viruses as well.

Health experts and dermatologist all around the world are unanimous about one fact- makeup products should not be shared or borrowed as sharing these can be really risky and can lead to serious skin infections and unwanted skin disorders for long term.

Below given is a list of infections that spread through makeup:

Pink Eye

Sharing of makeup products like eyeliner, mascara etc. can spread eye infection like conjunctivitis and hence, it should be avoided. It leads to swelling, reddening of the eyes, irritation and discomfort. Sty is a painful bacterium of the eyelash and is mainly spread through mascara and eyeliner.

Oral Herpes

If you use a lipstick of a friend who has cold sores or oral herpes, you can also get these infections. Blisters would appear around and on your lips and these can be painful. In fact, all infections that affect the lips can get transmitted via lipstick, lip pencil, lip gloss and the likes. A small cut in your lips can serve as a perfect way for germs to enter your system and cause cold sores with the use of makeup products used by infected people. Lips are extremely sensitive and so extra precautions should be taken while using any makeup product on it.


Ringworm as we all know is a fungal infection and is spread through cosmetic products like blush and foundation that are used to hide skin flaws. In fact, this infection can spread via any other products and thus sharing of cosmetics should be avoided.


A makeup brush can be the breeding ground of different bacteria when used for a long time. It is used over an oily face and that can spread bacteria. So make sure that you clean your makeup brushes regularly even if you do not share your makeup brush in order to avoid spreading of germs.

Precautions to take While Using Makeup Products

In order to stay healthy and stop the spreading of infections, there are few precautions that you should take and they are:

  • Make sure that the products you are using are within their expiry date. This is really important and more so in case of eye makeup as your eyes are very sensitive.
  • Also do not use any product that your skin is allergenic to.
  • Makeup products should be kept in a dry and cool place to avoid the growth of germs and also should be stored away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage.
  • Cosmetics should not be used in case of any skin allergy or pink eye.
  • Liquid products and the ones those come with a lot of water or moisture should be replaced on regular basis as bacteria thrive well in these products.

HWC Team

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