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Important Health Checkups to be Done After Pregnancy

important health checkups to be done after pregnancy
HWC Team
December12/ 2015

The constant crying of your new born along with your efforts to soothe him/her may make you forget about your own health after pregnancy. But it is important to take out some time to visit the doctor regularly after delivering the baby, atleast for the first few months.  Your doctor or midwife may want to see you about 4 to 6 weeks after you give birth to check your physical recovery from the pregnancy and the delivery.

Besides this, a health check up may also help you to know any possible complications that need to be tended to.  The 6 week postpartum test or health check up is the most important visit or test that you must get done after pregnancy. Let’s know more about this and other health checkups that you must consider getting done.

  • During the postpartum test, your doctor will check your weight and blood pressure. Both these tests help the doctor to know your physical progress from the time of delivery.
  • Another test that needs to be done after pregnancy is the abdomen test. The doctor will feel your belly to make sure that there is no tenderness. The doctor will also check your incision if you delivered baby through c-section.
  • The doctor will also check or examine your breasts and will watch out for lumps, redness, tenderness and cracked nipples. She will also check for any kind of abnormal discharge from the breasts.
  • An inspection of the external genitalia which includes the perineum will also be done. If you had undergone your episiotomy then she will check to see if it had been healed.
  • An internal pelvic exam will also be done in order to feel your uterus and check the fact that it has shrunk in a proper way. She will also feel your cervix and ovaries to check if there are any problems.  The vaginal muscle tone will also be checked.  A rectal exam may also be done.
  • A speculum exam will also be done in order to look at your cervix and vagina. The doctor will also check for any kind of bruises, tears and scratches and see if they have healed or not.  If you are due for Pap smear then the doctor will also do a speculum exam.
  • You may also have to undergo labor tests which may include a blood test for anemia and also a glucose intolerance test if you have had gestational diabetes during the time of pregnancy.
  • The doctor may also ask you to get immunizations done in some cases and may order tetanus, flu shot, rubella shot or chicken pox shot etc. This is especially the case where one did not get these vaccinations during pregnancy. The chicken pox vaccine usually requires two doses so if you got one during or before pregnancy, you may need to get the second one after child birth.

So get the above tests done and enjoy your beautiful phase of life after pregnancy without any health worries.

HWC Team

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