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Lamaze – Everything you Need to Know

HWC Team
November16/ 2015

Lamaze technique also known as simply Lamaze was created by Dr. Fernand Lamaze, a French obstetrician sometime during the 1940s. This was created as a childbirth technique based on the doctor’s observations related to childbirth methods in Soviet Union.

Today, Lamaze is one of the most popular techniques used to get information about birth, pregnancy, and parenting through educational offerings like child prep classes, spousal participation etc. alternative during childbirth to the use of any medical intervention. Lamaze International is an organisation that teaches everything related to technique to the childbirth educators all over the world.

What is Actually Lamaze Technique?

Lamaze is all about giving ways to a new life and not about a 40 minute class where you learn how get your breathing right and you partner cheers you up. Lamaze technique is more of a comprehensive approach to birth and pregnancy that is beyond inhaling and exhaling. It also includes coping techniques that are taught to manage labour. All these empower you to embrace the changes that are taking place inside your body during pregnancy and encompass the use of tools so that there is safe delivery of the babies.

Focusing on easing labour with 6 healthy birth practices (Lamaze is based on the following six healthy birth practices:

  • Labor should be spontaneous and begin on its own.
  • During labor, you should move, walk and change positions intermittently.
  • For continuous support, the presence of a loved one, doula or friend is important.
  • Do not go for interventions that are not really needed medically.
  • It is not necessary to give birth on your back; instead you can follow your body’s urges and push accordingly.
  • The mother and the new born should be kept together just after labor to initiate breastfeeding and to let bonding begin.

Each of the above mentioned practices come with video and various other things and are available in different languages like English, Polish, Mandarin, Czech and many more.

Benefits of following Lamaze

Lamaze is supportive of evidence-based pregnancy and birth practices; all are explained and supported with documents from researchers and proficient childbirth educators.

  • Lamaze guides you during your pregnancy with all of your child birth options, benefits and risk factors.
  • Lamaze technique teaches you how your body is prepared and naturally designed for birth and encourages you co-operate with your body’s natural abilities.
  • The technique helps you to learn the strategies to manage labor pain naturally and reduce the possibilities of unnecessary medical interventions. It encourages choosing methods that are safe and healthy for child birth.
  • It enhances the attachment and bonding between you and your baby, keeping skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding as the first priority.

Lamaze says that knowledge is crucial for a healthy childbirth as that ensures you know what to expect and makes you confident. Millions of expecting mothers have been benefitted by this technique and mothers who urge for a healthy pregnancy and hassle free childbirth should learn the details of Lamaze for sure.

HWC Team

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