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Lowering Breast Cancer Risk through High Fiber Diet

lowering breast cancer risk through high fiber diet
HWC Team
April13/ 2016

Now days, percentage of women diagnosed with breast cancer is on the higher scale markings. There are several reasons that can increase the chances of breast cancer in women. Breast cancer is a malicious tumor that develops from the breast cells. Although there is no specific age that can make you prone to breast cancer, women are usually developing breast cancer due to lack of intake of high fiber foods.

Consumption of high fiber fruits, vegetables and other diets during a woman’s adolescence and early maturity lowers the risk of breast cancer. Many studies were conducted to get information and reason for the increasing risk of breast cancer.

Contents of the Study Conducted

A study published in ‘Pediatrics’ stated that about 90,000 nurses, portion of the Nurses’ Health Study II, with ages between 25 to 42 were registered in the study that showed results of women having less risk of breast cancer due to the intake of high fiber foods during adolescence. In the year 1991, data of food consumption was collected through a dietary questionnaire for women aging between 27 to 44 years. This process continued for about four years consecutively. In 1998 another similar questionnaire was asked to be completed. Thus, women’s fiber consumption was analyzed with the data received.

Statistical data collected during the research were based on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Smoking habits
  • Height
  • Weight at the age of 18 years
  • Weight change since the age of 18 years
  • Age during the first menstrual cycle
  • Number of children given birth by the woman and the age during the first childbirth
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Energy intake
  • Menopausal position
  • Use of oral contraceptive

Results of the Study and Facts about Daily Dietary Fiber

  • 12 to 19% of women having high fiber content food were found to have a low risk of breast cancer in comparison to those who had low fiber content food in their early maturity period.
  • Consumption of high fiber content food during adolescence not only lowered the risk of breast cancer but also lowered the threat of premenopausal breast cancer. Every extra 10g of fiber intake each day was equivalent of consuming one apple and two slices of wheat bread that resulted in reduced risk of breast cancer.
  • Studies prove that fiber gained from fruits and vegetables are a good source that leads to low risk of breast cancer.
  • It is believed that high fiber food help to decrease high estrogen levels in blood.

Analysis of the Research Results

According to the researchers, their discoveries supported the theory that greater consumption of fiber reduces the risk of breast cancer. It also suggested that high fiber content foods should be consumed during a woman’s adolescence and early maturity which is very crucial.

However, on one hand, the research team had concluded with the observation that many high fiber foods contain other biologically live elements. Therefore, the possible chances that the health benefits are gained from such live elements and help to reduce the risk factors for breast cancer cannot be avoided. On the other hand, it is suggested to consume at least five portions of fruits or vegetables on daily basis.

HWC Team

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