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Must Do Health Tests Before Conceiving

must do health tests before conceiving
HWC Team
January27/ 2016

Child birth is life changing event for most people and pregnancy is a phase when you should take utmost care of your body; but even before one conceives, it is better to undergo a few tests, so that, the process of child bearing and child birth can be carried out without any major or unforeseen hiccoughs.

If you do these tests before conceiving, then, you will be aware of problems, if any, that can occur during your pregnancy, and thus will be able to take precautions accordingly. Here are a few tests that are considered essentials during the preconception period –

Preconception Medical Checkups

It is mandatory for people with existing medical conditions like, asthma, high blood pressure, epilepsy and other such problems that they must take some pre conception medical tests. However, it is also advisable for other people who are healthier otherwise to undertake these tests in order to ascertain that they do not have any underlying and unnoticed problems that might lead to inability to conceive or pregnancy related problems.

Carrier Tests

A lot of medical experts will recommend a genetic carrier test, especially if you belong to certain ethnic races. If both the parents are carriers then the chance of the baby being susceptible to this problem increases.

Folic Acid Test

Folic acid test are considered necessary for someone who is planning to conceive. Doctors believe taking folic acid in prescribed quantity for a month at least before conception reduces the chance of any neural tube defects in a baby. Also there are other birth defects that can be avoided by having folic acid regularly.

BMI Test

Weight can be a source of problem when you are trying to conceive. Therefore test your body mass index and understand what your ideal weight should be. If you are too overweight, try to reduce the extra kilos. It is important that you start eating health and do some physical exercise.

Dental Checkup

As much amusing as it may sound, before conceiving, you should also pay a visit to your dentist. There are plenty of researches which suggest that, gum diseases can lead to a pre term delivery, and it can also affect the weight of the baby during its birth. Thus, in the preconception period, it is important to treat any sort of gum diseases that you may have.

Psychometric Test

A very important thing for a would be mother is the mental balance. Therefore, one should always see a psychologist before they actually think of conceiving. For example a person who is clinically depressed is not in a suitable condition to become a mother. It is better for all women to check this, before getting pregnant, especially, those women who have a family history of mental disorders and depression.

Other Tests

For women who have been pregnant before, it is better to go through an ultrasound to see if it is an ectopic pregnancy. Also, someone who had recurrent miscarriages should go through a chromosome test.

These are some important tests that you must consider taking before you actually get pregnant. These will ensure that the conception is generally free of medical problems.

HWC Team

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