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Using Contraceptive Pills? Know the Side Effects to Avoid Future Complications

Contraceptive pills and their various side effects
HWC Team
June18/ 2015

Contraceptive pills are a form of birth control and are used to prevent pregnancy. Women take contraceptive pills orally and when taken properly, these pills can be 99.9% effective. But one must know that such pills cannot protect against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV.

Despite various benefits and high efficiency, contraceptive method of using pills can have various types of side effects.  One must be aware of these side effects before taking the pill and should always consult a doctor about the same .The following are some of the major side effects of contraceptive pills:

Common Side Effects:

The following is a list of the most common side effects of birth control pills or contraceptive pills:


After taking the pill, mild nausea can be felt but the symptoms may resolve after some time. To reduce the effect of nausea, one can try to take it with or after food. If it persists, then you can seek medical help.


Headaches are another common side effect of taking birth control pills.

Vaginal Discharge

A female may also experience changes in the vaginal discharge and this can lead to either an increase or overall decrease in the vaginal lubrication while having sex. If you notice or experience an infection, its better to speak to your doctor.

Breast Tenderness

Another side effect of these pills may be that breast tends to become slightly larger and tender. This may improve after a few days or weeks but if the pain doesn’t go away, then that could be an emergency signal.

Weight Gain

Some females may also experience weight gain due to fluid retention which generally happens in the hip area or in the breast.

Decreased Libido

Because of the hormones present in them, some women may also experience a change in their sex drive or their libido. If this becomes bothersome after some time or is persistent then you must speak to your doctor.

Changes in Mood

Some women also experience drastic mood changes and even depression after taking contraceptive pills. This is a serious side effect, which should be taken under the notice of your doctor.

Missing Periods

Even on taking the pill as per instructions, one may experience a missed period and this could be alarming and worrying. There are many factors that can be responsible for this and some include stress, an illness, hormonal changes, thyroid issues, etc. If you miss a period and take the pills for the next time, do a pregnancy test or contact your family doctor.

Intermenstrual Spotting

Some women may also experience vaginal bleeding in between the periods and this could also be one of the side effects of taking birth control pills. This is common during the first three months of using pills. This issue generally resolves after some time and is faced by around 90% of the women, but if it doesn’t, then one should consult the doctor.

HWC Team

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