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Top 7 Reasons why Weight Training is Important for Women

top 7 reasons why weight training is important for women
HWC Team
May15/ 2015

Weight training is an important kind of a physical workout method which not only builds strength but also resistance among people. Weight training has always been more popular among men than women but it is a fact that all women, especially those who are above 40 must weight train. Weight training is not only important from the strength point of view but also has several other benefits. The following are the top 7 reasons why weight training is important for women:

Helps to Lose Body Fat

One of the main points of importance of weight training for females is that it helps you to lose body fat. What happens in weight training is that as the lean muscles tend to increase, so does the metabolism and this makes you lose more calories throughout the day. On an average, for each pound of muscle gained, a female can burn upto 35 to 50 calories every day.

Helps to Gain Strength

Another benefit of weight training is that it helps to build a lot of strength. For this reason, it is also referred to as strength training. Infact, in this type of training method,one gains strength but without bulk.  This training enables one to tone their muscles and get a definition.

Reduces Risk of Osteoporosis

Another main benefit of weight training is that it helps one to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. This happens because weight training can increase the spinal bone mineral density by about 13 percent in a span of 6 months. This means that women who do this can stay away from bone issues and problems.

Improves Athletic Performance

Weight training or strength training can also improve the overall athletic ability of a person, thereby proving useful for those who are engaged in sports and athletics. Some sports in which this form of training proves useful is cycling, skiing, golfing and others.

Makes you Physically Stronger

One tends to get a lot more physically stronger when he/she tends to engage in weight training on a regular basis.  What this form of training for females does is that it makes it easier for them to do chores, lifting things, picking up groceries and doing day to day tasks such as laundry etc.  The maximum strength is increased and this makes women more confident and agile as well.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Weight training is also capable of improving the overall cardiovascular health in many ways. It not only lowers the bad cholesterol but also increases the levels of the good cholesterol in the body. Weight training also helps to lower the blood pressure and all of these factors contribute towards better heart health.

Improves Attitude and Fights Depression

Doing weight training also has the capability of improving overall attitude and fighting depression. It makes women feel more confident about themselves and their bodies. This helps to fight negative thoughts and increases self-esteem as well.

HWC Team

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