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Homeopathy VS Allopathy – Complete Guide

a detailed comparison between homeopathy and allopathy
HWC Team
February26/ 2016

There has always been a big debate between two of the most common and popular treatment sciences-homeopathy and allopathy.  Whenever someone suffers from something as minor as a common cold to something more serious as diabetes or blood pressure, they always seem to compare the approach of both these medicine sciences by weighing their pros and cons against each other.

Before you opt for any one of these sciences to treat conditions, it is important to know the exact comparison between them. This is why; we have brought to you a detailed comparison between homeopathy and allopathy.

Meaning and Definition

  • Homeopathy -homeopathy is an alternative medicine system which claims that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people would also cure similar symptoms in sick people.
  • Allopathy – allopathy on the other hand is a term which basically means ‘other than the disease’.

Concepts Followed

  • Homeopathy-in terms of the concepts followed, homeopathy works on the basis that the difference between the ways two people react to similar diseases is a sign of the unique manner in which each person reacts. This certain uniqueness of signs and reactions leads to a difference in the cure prescribed to each.
  • Allopathy-allopathy is based on a concept that diseases and sicknesses can be treated by using drugs and medications.

Approach Followed to Cure the Disease

  • Homeopathy-homeopathy follows a more holistic approach to health and helps the body’s abilities to heal by strengthening of the immune system. This science has a balance between scientific, natural and individualistic approaches in the cure and prescriptions.
  • Allopathy-this on the other hand is an approach which focuses on the disease or sickness only and not on the immune system. Allopathic doctors focus on the signs and symptoms and not really on the causes of the disease to cure it.

Individuality for Patients

Homeopathy-as far as the individualistic nature of cure is concerned, homeopathy focuses a lot on individuality. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed by the practitioners on the basis of individualization. This means that the practitioners suggest remedies on the basis of the condition, the symptoms and signs of the condition.

Allopathy-on the other hand, there is almost no individualization in allopathy. This means that if two people are suffering from flu then there will be a common medicine for both of them.

Side Effects of the Medicines

Homeopathy-if homeopathic medicines are taken under proper prescription and guidance, then there can be no side effects of them practically.  But it is important to remember that the excess of anything can be bad.

Allopathy-it is a fact that allopathic medicines are often associated with side effects and taking them in excess over a period of time can lead to accumulation of toxins and chemicals.

It is true that homeopathic medicines are safer to consume in the long run but allopathic medicines are much faster as far as providing relief is concerned and hence picking one can be a matter of personal choice.

HWC Team

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