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Important Health Checkups for your Little Toddler!

Important health checkups for your little toddler
HWC Team
May28/ 2016

A routine health checkup is very important for each and every one, especially kids of young age and toddlers because they are more sensitive and prone to fall prey to illnesses easily due to lesser immunity compared to adults. Healthy foods are not easily available these days and hence, parents need to be all the way more vigilant about their toddler’s health. Below given are some important health checkups which should be conducted by parents if they have toddlers. Read below and follow this list on regular intervals:

  • Urine test: It is very important to conduct these tests because they help in detecting any kind of infections which can otherwise go unnoticed as the child may not realize the symptoms like burning sensation while passing urine and sensing irritation as well. Urine infections are very common among toddlers and that is why, urine tests are very important.
  • Stool test: These tests help in detecting the presence of worms in your child’s tummy. Children are prone to have worms in their tummy and these can cause poor absorption of food and nutrients in your child’s body, which can make him less active and dull. If you find out that there are worms in your child’s stool, regular deworming sessions are very important.
  • Blood test: A routine blood test in order to check your child’s hemoglobin level is very important. The advisable amount is 11.5-15 gram for a girl and 14-18 gram for boys. The levels lesser than these can cause anemia, which causes the child to become dull and have a poor attention span and poor memory.
  • Dental Checkups: Toddlers love to eat junk and sweets, which feed dental cavities and other issues. Hence, an annual routine dental checkup is very important in order to check the decaying and cavities and also to check if the teeth are growing in proper alignment and there are no gum related issues as well.
  • Allergies test: You should check if your toddler is prone to allergies from various daily things like soaps, shampoos, or even foodstuffs. Parents often fail to understand the allergies faced by their child and treat them as common health issues, but diagnosing the proper reason for the allergy is very important.
  • Skin test: Skin infections and rashes are very common among toddlers, especially in summers when the weather is sweaty, prickly and irritating. Hence, checking if your child is facing some skin infections or it is just a normal irritation due to sun is very important. You should take care of the skin rashes which appear on the skin of your child.
  • Vision test: There are many chances that your child suffers from poor vision and needs spectacles right from the toddler age. Hence, get the taboo out of your mind that spectacles are only for aged people and get the eyes of your child checked if he or she complains about having a poor vision. Make sure that you do not get too late for conducting this test because the power of spectacles keep on increasing when specs are not worn at the right time.

HWC Team

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