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How to Know if You’re Feeding Your Child Right?

How to Know if You’re Feeding Your Child Right?
March07/ 2018

Our kids are definitely the most precious part of life we have. And taking care of them is a pretty tough job for us.

Food is an essential thing in our life, and reassuring them to finish their food in a proper manner is a way of keeping them healthy.  Many children are afraid of the food that is super beneficial to their health and constantly being nagged for eating them. They rely upon treats from the elders and love junk food which is toxic and unhealthy. Thus restricting them from taking such food can help them improve their health.

But the question that arises is we feeding our child right? Let’s go through few things we should follow to have a healthy child.

  1. Monitoring the food intake: A parent must keep a good watch to whatever their child is eating. If the food is being audited well then it can be assessed as needed. Nothing should be given in an excessive amount. Proper intake of food is a must for the body to be healthy. So it is necessary to monitor the food which is better at keeping the child healthy and fit. Intake of vegetables, proper protein, food rich in minerals like iron and magnesium.
  1. Do not pressure your child: In a recent study, it has been seen that the parents who pressurize their kids to eat actually ate less than the kids who were not. And kids show disgust when introduced to vegetables and rather ate less of it when we pressure them to consume. So, pressurizing your child to eat veggies or any other disliked food is a big NO-NO.
  1. Make routine boundaries: Children should be within limited boundaries of eating food. And yes, parents have to set the limit to the food intake and the amount of food taken. By boundaries it is meant for example, setting the intake of zero snacks before dinner or not eating too much sweets or sweetened related products. Children should be fed at regular interval of time on a routine basis.
  1. Make healthy food at home: Children like eating variety of foods and they get bored if they are fed the same thing again and again. When they don’t get the variety they go outside and have the junk food that comes in a lot of variety. Junk food is very dangerous even for our health, not only the children. So it is better to stop them from eating outside by making variety at home and giving them the choice what they want to have. This further leads them to eat the food happily without further making it a task for the parents.
  1. Make a schedule: In today’s world it is becoming more and more difficult to eat on time for the hectic schedule that we all have, including the kids. So it is a good habit to make a schedule to feed your kids.

Follow these five tips to inculcate good eating habits in your child.


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