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Teenage Health- Important Health Checkups for Teenagers

health checkups which every teenager must get done
HWC Team
February29/ 2016

As soon as your child becomes a teenager, his/her body starts experiencing many changes and keeping proper check on the health becomes even more important.  There are many physical texts and examinations which parents of teenagers must arrange for their children.

These tests help to establish the status of the teen’s health and lets one know the various areas that may need improvement. But since there are so many available options for health checkups, people often get confused. But for your help, we have brought together a list of the health checkups which every teenager must get done.

  • It is very important for teenagers to get their weight, body mass index, height and other physical attributes checked and tested every year or if possible, even more frequently. This helps to establish their growth rate and lets parents know about any development deformities or problems.
  • Vision tests-every parent of a teenager must make sure that they get the vision of their child tested. During these growing years, it is possible for children to be exposed to computers, tablets, mobile phones, books and other things which may deteriorate the sight. Infact, eyesight can also be affected due to other factors like nutrition, genes and environment factors like pollution etc. This is why regular vision tests must be done to ensure that the teen’s vision is fine.
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol-while it is true that it is unlikely for teens to have high cholesterol or high/low Blood pressure but it is important to get these tests done every once in a while. It may be possible that you teen may have low BP and this condition can be corrected by following some dietary changes.
  • Physical exam-teenagers can also get pelvic examinations done to check whether they are sexually active or not. In females, the test may help know whether she has excessive vaginal discharge or any kind of pelvic pain whereas in males, the testicles are tested for masses and swollen veins.
  • Oral tests-from time to time, parents of teenagers must get their oral tests done. These tests help to know whether the teenager has any kind of oral cavities, gum problems or gap in between teeth so that these conditions can be treated. In case a cavity goes too deep, it may result in pain and may need a root canal to be done. Regular oral tests help to avoid these procedures by providing preventive care.
  • Allergy tests-there are many teenagers who suffer from some or the other kinds of allergies. They must be tested for food allergies or other kinds of allergies so that preventive care can be provided on the right time.
  • Tuberculosis and anaemia tests-while these tests are not absolutely compulsory but parents of teens can have these tests performed every few years to ensure that their child is not anaemic or is suffering from a serious condition like tuberculosis.

HWC Team

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