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Meal Recommendation for Seasonal Fevers

meal recommendation for seasonal fevers
HWC Team
March11/ 2016

Fever is a sign that your body gives you to inform that there is some kind of infection in the body. During fever, temperature runs high, and people tend to lose their appetite. During fever it is better not to consume foods that are too rich in fats or junk, because the body cannot digest them properly. Also it is better to stay away from oily food or those items which are rich in carbohydrates. So what should you eat when you have seasonal fevers? Here are some food suggestions that can get you through the period and help you recover quickly.

What to Eat When you have Fever?

Here is a list of food items that you should take during fevers, as parts of your breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Generally, since nothing tastes good while you have fever, a lot of people tend to stay hungry instead of having some food. But this is something that should be avoided.  A healthy breakfast is essential to fight with the fever and other disorders that your body is experiencing.

  • Fruit juices can be a great and healthy option when you are fighting with fever. Since, your taste buds do not seem to work that well, you can have different types of juices each day. Juices of fruits containing vitamin C are highly recommended.
  • A glass of warm milk is another good option for a person who has fever. You can also add a pinch of saffron or some drops of honey in the milk and drink it. Along with milk, you can also have various types of nuts, especially almonds.


For lunch eat food that have the power to replenish, but, are not too oily or rich or difficult to digest.

  • Thin lentil soups, vegetable juices are very good for your health. Drinking a bowl or a cup full of them is a good idea. If you do not wish to have vegetable juice you can have some boiled vegetable instead.
  • Along with it, you can eat baked fish, eggs etc which are easy to digest and will supply as much protein as your body needs to recover from the illness. Tender meat can also be taken in small proportions.


Dinner should not be too heavy, even for a person in pink of health. Thus, a person suffering from fever should also have some light yet nourishing dinner.

  • A bowl full of freshly boiled vegetables or some freshly cut and properly cleaned salads can be a good idea for dinner. You can also have some beans or sprouts.
  • Soup is another good option for a person having fever. Light chicken soup or vegetable broth is the best option during this time. However, stay away from rich and creamy soup.

These are some of the suggestions for meals that you can take while you have fever. Apart from these you can also talk your doctor, and ask their advice, as to what kinds or food you should take during a fever.

HWC Team

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