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Spinach Extract-a Magical Supplement for Weight Loss!

spinach extract-a magical supplement for weight loss
HWC Team
April23/ 2016

When you do not have the time to exercise or visit a dietician in order to fix a weight loss plan, you often want to switch to supplements, but remember that these supplements can be harmful as they contain a lot of chemicals and can cause side effects. Hence, you should opt for consuming natural supplements for your weight loss.

One of the best supplements you can consume is Spinach extract. Spinach extract is a green powder which can be mixed with water or smoothies. It is also available in the form of capsules and snack bars. It does wonders on your body and helps stimulate the weight loss. Below given are some benefits of spinach extract:

  • Spinach extract helps the body to suppress the activity of lipase which is an enzyme working for fat digestion. With this suppression, the digestion of fats becomes slow and fewer fats are absorbed in the body.
  • Spinach extracts also reduce the level of Ghrelin, which is a hormone causing hunger. Hence, when the hunger is controlled, excessive consumption of unwanted snacks and high calorie foods can be controlled.
  • This supplement does not have any disadvantages and side effects like fatty stools and cramps in stomach, which are otherwise caused with other chemical supplements.
  • Spinach extract can reduce the appetite for over 5 to 7 hours and thus cause people to eat less.
  • Spinach is a healthy leafy vegetable and its extracts contain fiber, vitamins, calcium, iron and other essential body nutrients. Spinach can also detox the body by breaking down the excess fats, hence promoting weight loss.
  • Spinach extract can work better than placebos and the effects are 43% better.
  • Spinach supplements can decrease the sweet cravings by 95%, and eating lesser sweets will automatically cause lesser consumption of calories, thus contributing to weight loss. The percentage of this control over cravings has been higher in women.
  • 5 grams of spinach extract consumption everyday can reduce the cravings for snacks and fast foods like potato chips, munchies, French fries and burgers which otherwise cause a lot of increase in weight. If you do not crave for it, you will not eat it, thus contributing to weight loss and diet control.
  • Spinach also stimulates the immunity and boosts energy in the body which is important for exercising. Hence, along with consuming spinach extracts, you can also exercise in order to lose maximum weight.
  • Spinach extract is a supplement which does not have any side effects on any gender or age group and it can also be consumed as a health supplement in daily life even to control your weight before increasing.
  • Spinach extract is a better alternative to eating spinach directly as it does not give you a bitter taste.
  • The nutrients obtained from spinach can guarantee you a weight loss of over 3 to 4 kilograms per month if you regularly consume the extract as a part of your routine and do not skip it at all.

HWC Team

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