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Vitamin D may Increase the Risk of Kidney Problems

vitamin D causes kidney problems
HWC Team
August14/ 2015

Scientists said that taking vitamin D and calcium pills could somehow prevent fractures and may even result in kidney complications and strokes.

Notably, one-third of men and under half of women take supplements including vitamin D and calcium and most people get them upon the prescription of general practitioner. The pills prevent osteoporosis, the bone-thinning condition that can be seen in middle age in women after the menopause.

Calcium is a mineral that strengthens bones while vitamin D helps the body absorb it. But, many studies have stated that there is no proof that adults taking these pills are less likely to suffer from bone fractures.

Researchers state that most people get adequate calcium in their diets, particularly from dairy products while vitamin D may not actually help the bodies to absorb it. An editorial in the BMJ Open online journal, academics from New Zealand emphasize that supplements increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks and kidney stones.

They stated that people who are over 65 years should not have been recommended to take daily vitamin D supplements to prevent osteoporosis according to the government guidelines in the UK. Professor Andrew Grey and Professor Mark Bolland of the Department of Medicine in the University of Auckland stated that there is a proof that such supplements do not reduce the risk of fracture and harm.

Reportedly, around three million adults in Britain have osteoporosis and women are four times more risk than men. The government suggests that adults over 65 years of age take a daily vitamin D supplement to help prevent the disease.

Apparently, the main source of vitamin D is a chemical reaction that occurs when the sun’s rays are absorbed by our skin. And, small amounts of vitamin D are found in eggs, oily fish and some breakfast cereals.

HWC Team

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