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Zika Virus Spreading Across all Parts of the World, Says World Health Organisation

Zika Virus
HWC Team
January29/ 2016

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates around three to four million people could be infected with Zika virus in the America this year.

Zika is spread by the Aedes aegyptimosquito, which also carries yellow fever and dengue fever. First discovered in Africa in the 1940, now the virus is spreading to most regions of the world.

Symptoms include fever and a rash but most people do not show symptoms and it is difficult to identify. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and has been linked to brain defects in babies. The US said it will probably come with human vaccines by 2016. The virus has spread to over 20 nations in the region.

Reportedly, there has been increase in the levels of microcephaly- babies born with abnormal small heads and the nervous system disorder Guillain-Barre syndrome. Although the link between the virus and the disorders has not yet been confirmed, few experts said there is a strong relationship between the virus and disorders.

The spread of the virus has made government to advice pregnant women not to go to the infected areas. There is no vaccine or cure for Zika, which might result in microcephaly, a chronic condition that can result in lifelong developmental problems.

US National Institute of Health officials stated two potential vaccines for Zika are under development. Experts opined talks were already being with pharmaceutical companies but probably there could not be any vaccine available for several years.

Experts suggest the only way to fight Zika is to clear stagnant water where mosquitoes breed and protect against mosquito bites.

HWC Team

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