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Editorial Guidelines

Guidelines for Doctors/Authors:

Thank you for showing interest in submitting articles to our website. We have outlined certain guidelines and set of standards that should be followed by Doctors/Authors. All the articles/blog posts should meet the following standards:

Article length

The length of the article should be minimum 500 words. And, it can vary depending on the type of article you write. For example,

  • News-200 words (minimum)
  • General articles-500 words
  • Infographics- 150 words
  • Featured posts (posts that appear on landing page)-1000 words.

Targeted Audience

Our targeted audience is Indians. So, the articles would have to be relevant to the current demographic and directed towards the issues of common people.


Everything you write should be well-researched, informative and reliable. The information you provide should be authentic, non-copied and should not mislead the audience. Your article must be original and should not be submitted to other sites. It should be 100% unique and copyscape passed.

Article style

The articles you write should be precise, accurate and easily understandable by the target audience. Define your target audience and mould your language accordingly. Follow active style of writing. Sentences should be simple, short and crisp. Bullets can be used wherever required. Articles should be submitted in MS word format.

Ownership & rights

The articles given by you will be published by us on your behalf. Your name as well as image will be published along with your article on the site. We hold all the rights on articles submitted to us.