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Easy tips for brain exercise!

Easy tips for brain exercise
HWC Team
June03/ 2016

Exercising your brain is as important as exercising your body because brain is the home to all senses of your body. Doing brain exercises in the morning helps one stay free from stress, fatigue and headache. Exercises help in effective functioning of the brain by producing natural brain nutrients. Below given are some of the ways to exercise your brain so that you feel the difference in the routine of your everyday life. Read more:

  • Brush teeth with your non-dominant hand: Researches have showed that using the opposite side of your brain for some activities helps in rapid substantial expansion of the parts of the cortex that control and process tactile information from the hand. Also apply the toothpaste with the help of your opposite hand.
  • Take a shower with closed eyes: Try to take the entire shower with closed eyes, including opening the tap and adjusting the temperature because it is a great exercise for your brain when you try to locate things around you by feeling instead of seeing. This happens because the hands sense various textures and send the messages back to the brain.
  • Use adult coloring books: It is shown in researches that adult coloring books stimulate the brain cells, helping the brain to get exercise. Coloring in adult coloring books involves a lot of detailed activity; hence, the brain receives the wanted exercise.
  • Switch around your morning activities: Change the flow of your morning activities. Get dressed after breakfast, take your dog on a new route for a walk or keep changing your radio or news stations. Watch kids programs as this arouses the brain to notice things which we otherwise take for granted.
  • Change seats at the dining table: In most of the families, there are fixed seats for each member of the family at the dining table. Change the seat which you occupy so that you see the different view, serve food differently and also change your way or reaching out for taking the salt and pepper.
  • Smell things more in detail: Link smells to activities. Keep your favorite fragrance next to your bed for a week and you will automatically have a relaxation activity for your brain.
  • Get a hot oil head massage: Getting a hot oil massage will make your brain senses experience relaxation. Ask your technician to massage the right points on your scalp so that you get the right type of exercising for your brain.
  • Keep the car window open: The hippocampus, which is an area of your brain which processes memories, is especially involved in associating odors, sounds and sights. Try to identify new smells and sounds on your route and associate them with memories which you have so that your brain gets active and is exercised.
  • Scan the supermarket shelves: Do not just look at the products kept at your eye level. Instead, scan all the other shelves so that your brain receives a slight amount of pressure, which promotes exercise.

HWC Team

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