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Foods that cause Miscarriage

Foods that cause miscarriage
HWC Team
June15/ 2016

Pregnant women who eat lots of carbs, apple, aloe can increase the risk of miscarriage. While pregnant, women have to be careful with foods eaten daily. The followings are foods that can cause miscarriage or premature birth.

  • Carbohydrates – Carbs has a high level of nutrients which provides a rich source of calcium that helps to strengthen bones and teeth, you need to limit eating them in the first 3 months of pregnancy because carbs can cause the uterus to shrink, which leads to genital bleeding or even miscarriage. Besides that, the content of cholesterol in crabs is very high. Pregnant women who have high blood pressure, Pre-eclampsia should not eat carbs.
  • Pineapple – Avoid taking pineapple in the first trimester of pregnancy because this fruit can cause contraction which leads to miscarriage; cause diarrhea or allergy to pregnant women. The reason is that pineapple has bromelain which is able to soften the uterus and produces aborticide.
  • Caffeine Drinks -If pregnant women use caffeine drinks usually they will have a risk of increased heart rate and blood pressure which leads to insomnia and headache. It also affects fetus development which produces the miscarriage and premature birth.
  • Unpasteurized Milk -The unpasteurized milk or fresh milk is milk that has not been through the processing. In unpasteurized milk, there are listeria bacteria which can increase the risk of miscarriage.
  • Green Papaya -A lot of research showed that green papayas are not really ripe and these contain lots of enzymes and pus, which causes gestational contractions and miscarriage. Green papayas contain prostaglandin and oxytocin which are the essential substances to prepare for delivery. When the fetus is not old enough eating papaya can cause miscarriage.
  • Aloe – Pregnant women should not drink aloe juice because it can lead to pelvic hemorrhage and even causes miscarriage.
  • Barley – Barley is a grain that is processed into many nutritious products. Barley can stimulate uterus smooth muscles, causing miscarriage.
  • Foods with Vitamin A – It is important to avoid vitamin A in pregnancy, it can cause bad effects and damage to the fetus. Pregnant women should avoid eating foods that contain plenty of vitamins A.
  • Pearl barley – The pearl barley contains lots of amino acids that are necessary to the body. Eating lots of pearl barley can provide the energy consumed because of the high temperature on hot days and improve resistance power. For women, having a sensible amount of pearl barley can help them have a bright, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, remove freckles and brown spots.
  • Meat – The processed meat like sausage, pate, and stuffed food must be avoided during pregnancy. Consuming too much of processed meat can harm the fetus. It can also cause fetal poisoning and lead to miscarriage.
  • Cheese – Pregnant women should avoid cheese. The compound of cheese has some bacteria which can cause miscarriage. Make sure to make cheese that is made with pasteurized milk during pregnancy.

HWC Team

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